1981 Suzuki SP500 for sale
This is quite possibly the cleanest SP on the planet. I purchased this bike from a good friend of mine, a mechanical engineer who's fastidious about his toys. He purchased it NEW from the dealer in 1981, and it's been maintained in this condition since. This is NOT a refurbished bike, it's been maintained in this shape for the past 23 years, and it performs even better than it looks.

Cosmetically, I'd rate it a 9.5 of 10. Bodywork is gleaming, everything's original excepting the muffler ... original started to develop a rust hole on the rear, so it was replaced with a new Suzuki unit. Original battery died and was replaced with a smaller, easier-to-find alternate. Otherwise, it's all original and stock.
Functionally, it's another 9.5. This is a 1-2 kick machine. While there is no electric starter, there's a compression release system that makes this the easiest big-bore thumper I've ever kicked to life. Everything works as it should. Carb developed a VERY slight part-throttle hesitation during winter storage this year, which disappears if the choke is left partially open, or the throttle twisted a little quicker. Presumably one of the jets needs to be flushed out. The bike is in outstanding running order, however .. I spent an hour on it yesterday, it starts/idles easily, it cruises easily at freeway speeds, shifts VERY smoothly, handles great, and is just an all-around joy to ride.
Mileage is a bit over 7000 at this time. Tires are very good. The bike needs nothing but an appreciative home. Please don't purchase this bike if your intention is to part it out, or hack it into something it wasn't intended to be ... it's too nice for that.

I'm located just west of Milwaukee WI, email me at hawkfan4life@hawkgt.net if you'd like further info, pics, whatever. I'm offering this bike at $1200. If the bike takes more than 2 kicks to start when you come to see it, I'll immediately knock off $100.

Pictures were taken on August 1, 2004. Mileage was 7194 at that time, it may accumulate a few more, as I've been riding it daily.