Easter Sunday, 2008. Families up and down the street gather to celebrate the holiday over brunch. Suddenly the peace and tranquility is shattered by a raspy roar, a sliding beast of a machine rounding the corner, rear tire fishtailing on the sand-covered asphalt. Crouched low and hungry, clawing for traction, growing larger and barking louder .. Aunt Mae drops her fork. "The children ... they're playing outside, GET THE CHILDREN!"
Top left: starting with an ugly donor bike takes a lot of pressure off. There's no way I could have made this any worse.

Bottom left: if the main chassis ground wire disconnects itself, you'll be miserable, and you'll annoy your friends with endless troubleshooting questions.
Above: machined aluminum adapters mate the stock hubs to late-model BMW wheels. It's nice having a next-door neighbor with a machine shop, though these were still the priciest component on the vehicle.

Left: first attempt at the front "bodywork" utilized foamcore and hot glue. That iteration was abandoned when the resin for the fiberglass balked at the 35 degree temps. The replacement was made of thin sheet steel.
Just a few details remain: hooking up the front signals, mounting the guages, and ordering front brake lines.